Generation Gap: Why we like to read our food labels

Millennials seem more obsessed than ever with good food and food that’s good for you.

Restaurants that tout locally-sourced produce and ethically-raised meats are popping up around the country, especially in urban areas. Millennials are very health-conscious to begin with, and eating right is one part of that.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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As millennials were growing up, it was part of the standard public school curriculum to learn how to read food labels, so we have always been pretty conscious about what was going into our bodies. Even now, politicians and celebrities are always running ‘healthy’ campaigns targeted at kids.

Our parents and grandparents never got that kind of health education growing up, which explains the discrepancy between our two generations.

If you haven’t tried reading your food labels or eating locally grown produce, give it a shot! It tastes a lot better, and you’ll feel better knowing what’s going into your body.

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