Martha Stewart Is Open to Dating Pete Davidson, and the Internet Loves It

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Videos by Rare

The internet has been going on about the idea of Martha Stewart dating Pete Davidson for some time now. Well, that pipe dream may have inched closer to reality, as Stewart just admitted that she’s open to the idea. Of course, this is just throwing logs on the bonfire of lust for starry-eyed fans who really, really want the two to get together.

Could a Martha Stewart – Pete Davidson Relationship Ever Happen?

While on The Drew Barrymore Show, Barrymore asked Stewart and the audience about being single.

“I’m single for like, 30 years. I’m not proud of it,” said Stewart. She said that she dated a lot after her divorce but regrets not tying down Mr. Right. She also added that dating isn’t a priority now but “it should have been.”

“I don’t know if I miss the companionship so much as the… just the fun. It’s fun to date,” said Stewart. She also said that she’s very busy these days.

Then Barrymore whipped out the flags. In a game of “Red Flag, Green Flag, Yellow Flag,” Barrymore asked Stewart a series of questions…about half of which directly related to Pete Davidson. Apparently, Barrymore wants the two to date too!

“Your date has as many tattoos as Pete Davidson” Barrymore says. Stewart waved the green flag. And her eyes looked pretty dream there, for a second, too.

“Okay, your date is Pete Davidson,” said Barrymore. That was a total green flag. Yup, Martha Stewart waved the green flag at the idea of dating Pete Davidson, everyone. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Pete Davidson!)

“I knew it, I knew it! There’s a thing on the internet where everyone wants you to go on a date with Pete Davidson.” said Barrymore.

Yeah, everyone knows.

“I mean, he’s dated so many women,” said Stewart.

“So what?”

“No, I’m not saying that’s bad. I think that’s good. And he’s sort of cute.” Martha Stewart thinks he’s cute.

Barrymore threw in the fact that “everybody loves” Davidson, and Stewart wholeheartedly agreed.

“I know, everybody loves him. I know him…He was on the Bieber roast with me, do you remember? He was this little twerp on the Bieber roast. He was even twerpier than Bieber… who’s also very cute, by the way.”

Barrymore then mentioned that Davidson has a reputation as a “good guy.”

“Oh, he is a good guy,” Stewart agreed. “He’s a very good guy. And he knows how to get in and get out.”

Get in and get out. I like the sound of that. So did Barrymore, apparently.

At this point, Barrymore looks like she just heard what we think we heard, and starts waving her green flag. “And he’s open to, you know, age is not a thing for him. Just saying.” For the record, Martha Stewart is 81 and Pete Davidson is 28.

“He’s like my lost son,” Stewart said. Womp womp.

Aw, man! Was that a buzzkill statement? Hard to say. I guess we’ll all pretend we didn’t hear that?

Martha Stewart also waved the green flag at the idea of her date playing footsie under the table, talking about sex on the first date, and taking selfies. All in all, she seems like she’d be a pretty fun date herself.

It All Started With Holding Hands

The Martha Stewart – Pete Davidson thing started when Stewart was seen walking with Davidson and Kardashian at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner earlier this year. A photo of Stewart and Davidson squeezing each other’s hands went viral. Kardashian was very much in the photo, too, but Davidson was kind of leaning in towards Stewart and it was their hands that really stole the spotlight.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson broke up shortly after that, which of course many thought was somehow connected to the viral hand-holding photo.

But Stewart denied any sense of lust for the young stallion, telling the Daily Mail this past August that he was “like the son I never had.”

In May, she’d also previously told E! News that the two getting together was less likely than “my steak tartare and Ruffles potato chips” pairing. She also added that she thought Davidson and Kardashian were “cute together.”

Martha Stewart’s Inner Vixen

Pete Davidson has been known to date a long list of gorgeous women, including Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, and Carly Aquilino. But if you’re wondering if Stewart’s got that sex appeal to match Davidson’s exes, you don’t know Martha Stewart.

Have you seen her nude? She’s gorgeous and not afraid to bare all.

Just a couple months ago, Stewart went nude for a Green Mountain Coffee Roasters campaign.

“My Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Pumpkin SpiceCoffee it’s made with natural flavors that means they’ve stripped away the artificial and left nothing but goodness,” she said, wearing nothing but an apron. “What can I say? We have a lot in common.”

And then there was the throwback photo to that time Stewart posed as Botticelli’s Venus. The cover of Spy Magazine was captioned, “Whitey Aphrodite.”

“do you remember this????? omg!!!” Stewart captioned. There she is, sitting demurely but stark naked on a seashell, her legs just barely covering everything. Incidentally, she posted this about a week and a half after the whole hand-holding photo went viral. Hmmm…Was she trying to say something?

At this point, it seems like there are two major possibilities, take it or leave it. Maybe Martha Stewart thinks Pete Davidson is like a son and doesn’t really want to date him, but her PR people are running with the attention and showcasing her sexy side. Or, maybe Martha Stewart really does want to date Pete Davidson, and is waiting for him to ask her out?

But if this were to ever happen, there is one caveat. Pete Davidson better be good in the kitchen. “I’m not going to teach a boyfriend how to cook,” she told Barrymore.

Silke Jasso contributed to this article.

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