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Creature comforts are a necessity for most Americans, whether you rent or own a home. While we all might have different ideas of comfort, most of us would list electricity as a top priority. Whether you’re just coming out of a sweltering Texas summer with the AC blasting or you’re entering a deep New England winter with the heater at your bedside, electricity makes lives livable in more ways than one. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, electricity rates become more important than ever with shorter days and longer nights. So when Elite Fixtures released this map of comparing electricity rates by state, we took notice.

While they also feature commercial electricity rates in every state, we care about residential electricity rates, especially as we’re entering the season of air conditioning.

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Let’s recap these average electricity prices per state, based on kilowatt per hour.

Alabama: $.09 KWH

Alaska: $.28 KWH

Arizona: $.12 KWH

Arkansas: $.10 KWH

California: $.13 KWH

Colorado: $.13 KWH

Connecticut: $.15 KWH

Delaware: $.10 KWH

District of Columbia: $.08 KWH

Florida: $.12 KWH

Georgia: $.11 KWH

Hawaii: $.30 KWH

Idaho: $.10 KWH

Illinois: $.09 KWH

Indiana: $.12 KWH

Iowa: $.12 KWH

Kansas: $.13 KWH

Kentucky: $.08 KWH

Louisiana: $.09 KWH

Maine: $.11 KWH

Maryland: $.09 KWH

Massachusetts: $.14 KWH

Michigan: $.10 KWH

Minnesota: $.11 KWH

Mississippi: $.09 KWH

Missouri: $.11 KWH

Montana: $.09 KWH

Nebraska: $.10 KWH

Nevada: $.06 KWH

New Hampshire: $.13 KWH

New Jersey: $.10 KWH

New Mexico: $.14 KWH

New York: $.12 KWH

North Carolina: $.11 KWH

North Dakota: $.09 KWH

Ohio: $.10 KWH

Oklahoma: $.10 KWH

Oregon: $.07 KWH

Pennsylvania: $.09 KWH

Rhode Island: $.13 KWH

South Carolina: $.12 KWH

South Dakota: $.11 KWH

Tennessee: $.06 KWH

Texas: $.11 KWH

Utah: $.10 KWH

Vermont: $.17 KWH

Virginia: $.07 KWH

Washington: $.07 KWH

West Virginia: $.10 KWH

Wisconsin: $.13 KWH

Wyoming: $.11 KWH

Based on these numbers from Elite Fixtures, Hawaii and Alaska lead the charge for the most expensive residential electricity rates.


For the continental U.S., the most expensive states are, in descending order: Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, California, and New Hampshire. New England has it quite rough, especially considering their colder winters.

Elite Fixtures

As far the lowest residential electricity rates, the least expensive states, in descending order, are: Maryland, Louisiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Washington, Oregon, Tennessee, and Nevada.

It seems that states in the Heartland are prone to more average electricity rates instead of the lower end of the spectrum.

Elite Fixtures

Texas itself is one of the less expensive states to live in when it comes to electricity rates, but that’s still no reason to waste if you don’t have to. However, because it is the summertime and electric bills are necessary, it’s important to know where your own budget stands in relation to the bill that arrives every single month.

Will these rates change as more sustainable forms of energy become popular? Only time will tell, but if you’re about to fire up the oven, why not try out some of our sister site Wide Open Eats‘ best recipes? Our Enchilada Chili Bake is a crowd-pleasing weeknight dinner that comes together quickly. Feeling something sweet? Our Flourless Chocolate Cake is a fun baking experiment, especially to try with the kiddos.

Want to embrace your inner Texan? King Ranch recipes are pure comfort food in a bite. Just be mindful of how you’re using your electricity this season! Much like budget-planning for your meals, it pays to budget your electric use.


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