Need to upgrade your bedroom for cheap? Try these 5 DIY headboard hacks

Infarrantly Creative

Are you in need of a new headboard, but aren’t willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for it?

Luckily, headboards are one of the easiest things to DIY. The flat shape means no corners to construct or curves to cut.

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Whatever your style, these 5 tutorials will give you a little inspiration.

Hack: Build it from scratch faster than you can find something at IKEA

Andrea's Notebook
Andrea’s Notebook

Don’t be afraid to think outside the IKEA box. This gorgeous wooden headboard is actually pretty easy to build. You can have the wood cut to the measurements you need at the store, so you can skip doing that step yourself.

After you’ve got all the wood cut, it’s a simple task of arranging the pieces in the right order and attaching them to each other. It’s definitely faster than deciphering those IKEA instructions.

Andrea’s Notebook explains exactly how to put it together. The rich-looking stain is achieved by applying a second coat of your chosen stain.

Hack: Use an old door

Infarrantly Creative

Don’t feel like piecing all the wood together yourself? Here’s a great hack: use an old door.

When rotated sideways, standard doors are just the right size and shape for a headboard, and usually have interesting textures that look surprisingly intentional when hung above your bed. No one will know its just a painted door! Plus, you can find old doors at a thrift store if you want to save a little cash. Just check to be sure the door isn’t warped before you take it home.

Infarrantly Creative shows us how she made this headboard from a door she found on the side of the road.

Hack: Plywood + foam + fabric = headboard

Made 2 Style

If you like fabric headboards, you’re in luck; those super easy to make, too. You can use plywood as the base, cover it with a layer of foam, and wrap a piece of fabric around the whole thing. Secure everything with a staple gun and just like that, you’ve got a new headboard.

See the step-by-step instructions from Made 2 Style.

Hack: Use a drill to easily make a tufted headboard 

Place Of My Taste

Tufted fabric headboards are a little more advanced, but not out of the realm of a weekend project.

Traditionally, tufts are held in place by strong stitches and buttons, but you can avoid all that hard work by using a drill instead. Screws will secure the tufts in the same way, but are much easier to apply. Simply glue the button on top of the screw instead of using complicated sewing techniques.

Place of My Taste shows us exactly how easy this hack really is to do.

Hack: Turn wall art into furniture

Kara Paslay Designs

You’ll never believe what this trendy headboard is made from — a simple wall hanging bought at Target. A coat of spray paint and brackets are all you need to transform this wall art into a piece of faux furniture.

Kara Paslay Designs shows us how it’s done.

Give yourself a weekend and a few supplies and you’re well on your way to a new headboard.

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