This Airport is Adding It's Own Micro-Hotel for Travelers With Layovers Sleepbox

The world is a better place whenever naps are involved, hands down. Which why the Washington Dulles International Airport will have a special treat for passengers traveling during the busy holiday season, installing a brand new micro-hotel!

Yes, you can now have the comfort of traveling and taking a nap in between flights in a private pod hotel room. Sleepbox Nap Lounge, located in Concourse A between gates A 6 and A 14, is similar to privacy pods that have been popping up all over the country, specifically in airports. But, these are actually better since not only is a micro-hotel, but one will get their very own memory foam bed, a soundproof room, will have access to power outlets and free Wi-Fi. Dream come true!

Sleepbox CEO and founder, Mikhail Krymov, stated these hotels will allow travelers to relax and recharge in the midst of their “busy lives”, and were created as a valuable asset for them. These convenient snooze cubes are 30 square feet each from a compact suit with eight-foot seemings. A large “standard” room is at 45 square feet, and there are 16 rooms available for booking. The best part about these rooms is that they are actually quite affordable. Compact rooms will cost a minimum $25 per hour, while standard rooms will cost $35 per hour.


The Sleepbox hotel also has flexible check-in and check-outs so you can choose when to come and go as you please, especially for those who need a power nap. One teeny tiny drawback that the Sleepbox Hotel lacks, is private bathrooms and showers, but hey, at least there is a nice bed for those long nights!

For those of you who have an extra long layover or overnight stays, you can book a room for 12 hours for $120 to $150 depending on a day. Yes, I told you, it’s an actual hotel! Travelers passing through Washington D.C will have the opportunity to book rooms through the Sleepbox app starting December 7.


I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a dream come true to me! Do you have an early morning delay and don’t want to worry about traffic? Stay in micro-hotel! Your layover is more than 5 hours? Stay in a micro-hotel! It’s so convenient and easy all at once. What else do you need?

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