GMA Weatherman Rob Marciano Banned From Times Square Studio After Making Colleagues ‘Uncomfortable’

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It appears Good Morning America has issued a cloudy forecast when it comes to weatherman Rob Marciano.

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More specifically, Marciano reportedly has been banned from the show’s studio in Times Square for some fairly shameless behavior.

“He was found to have done something … that was improper, but he was punished for it, and they still haven’t let him return,” an insider told Page Six.

Rob Marciano Banned From Studio in Times Square

There’s no further details about exactly what happened, but it was said to involve Marciano and a female colleague. Others also felt “uncomfortable” around him at work because of multiple “alarming events,” another source told Page Six.

All the while, Marciano reportedly has been undergoing anger management counseling after a recent divorce.

“There were times when [Marciano] was very cranky and angry … unsavory behavior on his part,” a source told Page Six. “He was pulled off to deal with it and he’s been back.”

Reports suggest that Marciano wants to keep his job and is even making his case to management to do so.

“We’re told the network’s employee relations took Marciano off the air for a month following the alleged incident with a female colleague, but GMA executive producer Simone Swink ‘still won’t allow him back in [the studio],’ several months later,” Page Six wrote.

Swink is believed to be running an especially tight ship after replacing former top GMA producer Michael Corn, who was fired after being accused of sexually assaulting two women.

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