Jason Aldean Brutally Trolled After Donald Trump Kisses Wife on Forehead

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Videos by Rare

Jason Aldean is getting trolled hard after his wife Brittany posted a carousel of photos to Instagram. She was commemorating the year after a weekend stay at Mar-a-Lago. One of those photos featured a stunned Jason staring as Donald Trump was smooching his wife on the forehead.

Brittany Aldean Called Mar-a-Lago a “Fairy-Tale Ending to 2022”

“A fairy-tale ending to 2022,” Brittany Aldean wrote on Instagram. The photos began with a group photo of Brittany, Jason, Donald, and Melania. Brittany wore a gorgeous sparkling baby blue and form-fitting gown while her husband wore an all-black suit and matching cowboy hat. Brittany’s cleavage was certainly popping.

The next photo showed Brittany Aldean and Melania Trump having a moment as they’re holding each other. Donald Trump is looking the other way, but Jason Aldean is focused on their wives. Brittany’s cleavage was still popping.

It was the third photo that provoked the onslaught of trolling, however. We see Jason and Brittany Aldean sitting at a table as Donald Trump stands behind the country star’s wife. He’s giving her a big fat kiss on the forehead, his hands gripping her shoulders. Meanwhile, Brittany has her eyes closed and one hand on one of Trump’s hands. She appears to be feeling the moment.

Jason Aldean Looks Upset as He Watches Trump Kiss His Wife

Jason, however, looks stunned. It could have just been the timing of the photo, but it appears as though his hand is frozen in the air as he looks on. Eyes wide, lips slightly apart, he doesn’t look like he’s enjoying what is happening.

Patriot Takes reposted the photo to Twitter and the public jumped on the opportunity to state the obvious.

“That picture is freakin’ hilarious.”

“10:1 he gave her herpes.”

“Well, I don’t think her husband looks very happy!”

“Creep factor in full force as his eyes are fixed down her blouse!”

“She’s already openly sharing #GOP ‘assets’…”

“He is really looking down her cleavage! Lost all respect for Jason Aldean when he left his wife for Brittany. This just reaffirms whey I won’t buy his music!!”

“Is Jason getting ready to backhand Trump?”

“Is there a better way to look down her dress? You know that’s what’s happening here.”

Jason Aldean Was Trolled in Every Possible Way

“That third rate country singer looks pissed and surprised. Hey Jason, he is used to ” getting what he wants”. Divorce in 2023?”

“He should have bought the upgraded version of that wife. Which comes with a loyalty feature.”

“Well, he just pigeon holed his career.”

“Cheaters stick together.”

“She pursued him until he left his first wife and 2 children. Yep, she’s a real catch.”

“Jason looks thrilled.”

“You take your wife to Sodom and you can expect Gomorrah.”

“Cancel my tickets forevermore.”

“Poor Jason.”

“Jason is used to sharing.”

There were about a hundred mentions of Trump looking down Brittany’s cleavage, and that was just one post. Anyone with any kind of following on Twitter provoked the same reaction with the photo.

For instance, Molly Ploofkins got about 700 similar comments on her Twitter thread.

Mar-a-Lago Waiter in Background Appeared to Be Staring Jason Aldean Down

Many pointed out the waiter in the background looked “thuggish” and like he was low-key keeping an eye on Jason Aldean.

Others pointed out that Donald Trump had a history of making derogatory and disrespectful comments about women’s bodies. Some surmised that Jason would let Trump “do” his wife and others called him a “cuck” and a “cluck.”

“Lol. Aldean’s expression is hilarious. It’s a cross between displeasure and anger. Trump would screw ole Jason over in a heartbeat but there he is. What a cluck.”

There were plenty of comments about the Aldeans’ political affiliations well, but that’s old news. The couple has been outspoken about their staunchly Republican views for many years. And it’s nothing new for a celebrity to get hate when they endorse a politician. The Aldeans don’t seem to care, either. Brittany was nicknamed “Insurrection Barbie” long ago.

However, Brittany Aldean has been known to get her husband in some trouble before. Jason’s publicist cut ties with him 4 months ago after representing him for 17 years. The professional severance occurred right after Brittany had come under fire for making transphobic comments. While that may not have been the only reason, the two incidents were just over a week apart.

As for the Mar-a-Lago party, they say a picture is worth 1,000 words and it doesn’t get much better than this. From the kiss/cleavage moment to Jason’s face, to the waiter’s face, there was something to poke fun about in every corner.

What may be even more concerning is that Brittany Aldean posted the photo to her Instagram. Sure, it was one of 7 on a single post, but it was there. Let’s just hope that the “fairy-tale ending to 2022” doesn’t lead to an ending for something else!

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