Megyn Kelly Says Megan Markle and Harry Documentary is Insufferable’

The media personality is starting to wade into sadistic territory with her one-sided battle against Markle. 

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Megyn Kelly is starting to wade into sadistic territory with her one-sided battle against Meghan Markle. 

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On Monday, she torched the new Netflix documentary about Prince Harry and Markle on her SiriusXM program, according to British tabloid Daily Mail.

The host of The Megyn Kelly Show ripped apart the “insufferable” series, the first part of which premiered on Netflix last week.

Kelly reportedly went so far as to call Markle a “whiny, woke, annoying wife.”

Name-calling is awfully rich for someone who bragged about her journalistic expertise during a feud with Donald Trump in 2015.

Expect Kelly to continue her assaults as Netflix plans to release five more installments of Harry & Meghan.

Megyn’s Obsession with Hating on Meghan

There seems to be no limit or end to Megyn Kelly ripping on Meghan Markle, to whom Kelly at this point probably owes her fame. At last count, the former Fox News host bludgeoned four times over the past two months.

For starters, she called Markle a “B-list actress,” a “social-climber,” “thin-skinned,” and overly controlling of her public image. She also called Harry “hypersensitive,” contradictory, and hypocritical.

Then, Kelly accused Markle of “obsessive image crafting” because of her discussion about stereotypes on her Archetypes podcast. Markle had mentioned that she was treated like a “bimbo” on the game show Deal or No Deal.

“This woman is a fraud, and people get it,” Kelly said.

“We don’t feel sorry for you,” she added. “Be quiet for a while and do something meaningful that is not about you. Then maybe we’ll feel inspired to do something other than mock you.”

And the Rants Go On…

Last month, Megyn Kelly dished yet more snide remarks toward Meghan Markle on her podcast. Along with her other grievances over the duchess, Kelly — for some reason — is annoyed that she refers to Prince Harry as her “husband.”

Kelly added: “We get it. You bagged the gorilla. Congratulations. You got the big bear. You want us to know. We know.”

We get it too, Megyn: You think the Duchess of Sussex sucks. But the cruel rants aren’t very becoming — and they’re also hypocritical for someone who criticized primetime cable news as a “snake pit” after bailing from Fox after 13 years.

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