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Videos by Rare

A resurfaced video of Disney’s dress code policy is an excellent reminder that Disney has eyes everywhere. Jessie Pasquale was reprimanded for wearing a backless blouse at one of Disney’s parks in Orlando, Florida. She was given a free t-shirt. And then everyone else tried the “hack.”

Disney Dress Codes Woman for Top. She Opts to Appear Like She’s Not Wearing Pants, Instead.


Disney doesn’t like backs I guess…. #epcot #disneyworld #disney #dresscode #fyp #foryoupage @jessiedipasquale

♬ Castaways – The Backyardigans

“When you get dress coded at Disney,” Pasquale’s friend Jordyn Graime wrote on a TikTok video. “Disney doesn’t like backs I guess….” Pasquale was wearing a blue silky open-backed blouse. It merely showed her back. There was no side boob. It was a very prudish style police moment. But then Pasquale was given a very unrevealing Disney t-shirt, which would normally cost upwards of $20.

The video has since received over 4 million views.

This Isn’t the First Time Someone’s Been Dress Coded and Given Free Stuff

Another TikTok influencer posted a video about the very same hack 2 months before Jessie Pasquale’s incident. She was promoting the scam and claimed that because she showed under-boob at Magic Kingdom, she was given a “ticket” that worked as a free t-shirt coupon. Her video has received over 31 million views.

And with all those millions of views, a rumor was born.

“If I, too, am scantily clad while visiting a Disney theme park, I can get a free shirt!” everyone thought. “I want to be dress coded at Disney!”

But sadly, it’s not true. After all, Disney has a lot of employees, and employees have eyes. Somehow or another, news of the free t-shirt scam spread to the higher ups. Because other people have tried the Disney t-shirt hack and it failed.

TikToker @Heleniofficial tried the hack and was forced to purchase a new t-shirt.

TikToker @taniaa_18_a tried the hack and no one even noticed or cared.

Fear Not, Freeloaders. You Can Still Make Your Disney Dreams Come True! There’s Another Dress Code Hack.


it works but you might scar some kids in line for slinky dog dash. #disneyhack #disneyworld #disneyshirt #slinkydogdash

♬ original sound – Moira Cagle

But Moira Cagle cracked the code. Fear not. This Disney dress code t-shirt hack is sure to work.

“So, what you’re going to do, is you’re going to get yourself super dehydrated and get a nosebleed,” wrote Cagle. “And then, you want to bleed on yourself and on the floor. Make sure to get a lot on your shirt. You want to make it look like you’ve been stabbed, basically.”

Alright, alright. Doesn’t sound too difficult, I guess. But Cagle also said that you have to time your nosebleed just right.

“Preferably do this right before a ride,” she continued. “So, you know, there’s cast members around. And then, a cast member will be like, ‘Oh my gosh, they have blood on their shirt. That’s not a good look for us. We need to fix that.’ So, they’ll give you a ticket to pick out a free Disney t-shirt… And that’s it! Super fun, super easy. Free t-shirt.”

Disney doesn’t like backs, under-boobs, or shirts that look like part of a crime scene. All these things could theoretically lead to getting dress coded at Disney.

Some people see prudishness. Others see opportunity.

What do you think?

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