The Ferrari From ‘Ferris Bueller’ Just Sold For More Than $300,000!

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Videos by Rare

What did Ferris Bueller need more than a day off? Well, how about a little more than $300,000? That is how much the Ferrari used in the 1986 classic comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off garnered at an auction.

Actually, the exact price for the car was $337,500, per Fortune.

But the car wasn’t really a Ferrari. It was just a replica. After all, director John Hughes couldn’t bring himself to destroy a real Ferrari — which is what happened to this particular car in one of the movie’s more notable scenes.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

The car is actually one of three replicas Hughes had built for the movie. None can actually be driven.

“The car was rebuilt after filming since it was destroyed in the movie, and has reportedly had several owners,” Fortune wrote. “Another of the replicas was sold in 2010 at a Bonhams auction in England for $10,000 and is now listed with the National Historic Vehicle Register. And a third, drivable, replica was auctioned off in 2020 for $396,000.”

So based on that, this was actually a bargain.

Now all you need to do is make sure that Ferris stays far away from it. Kidding, but I am always so impressed with these fans who collect memorabilia like these at all costs. People will pay MILLIONS for their favorite movie accessories and whatnot. It’s wild to think about what rich people spend their money on, but hey if it makes them happy! Let them have their cake and eat it too!

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