This singer barely got through a verse before three coaches on “The Voice” started fighting for him

Mike Schiavo, a Los Angeles transplant who hails from New Jersey, wowed the judges in this blind audition for “The Voice.”

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Almost immediately after opening his mouth to sing an acoustic version of “Talking Body,” by Tove Lo, coaches Pharrell and Adam Levine spun their chairs around, hoping he would choose them as a coach. It took Blake Shelton a few more minutes to decide Schiavo was “special” and try to add Schiavo to his team.

At the end of his performance, Schiavo admitted that his favorite band growing up was Maroon 5, and his favorite song by Maroon 5 was “She Will Be Loved.” After a little coaxing from Christina Aguilera, Levine joined the young singer onstage for an impromptu performance.

Once Levine returned to his seat, the coaches started begging Schiavo to join them.

Levine called him a “natural,” while Pharrell did his own persuasion. “In the event that something crazy were to happen right now and you were to completely get amnesia from the last two, three minutes. What is it that you want to do moving forward?”

“I just want to work with somebody who is going to help build me and teach me something new,” Schiavo said. Levine made sure to chime in and let him know he was the right coach for that. “I’m a huge Pharrell fan, too,” Schiavo clarified.

“If for whatever reason, you decided to do something completely different and completely off the grid and something that just doesn’t make sense,” Pharrell started.

“Hi, my name is Blake. I am the other coach that pushed my button for you,” Blake Shelton started. “If you mean what you say, that you want you want to grow by doing something different and something you have never done before, pick a coach that is completely different.”

Levine, Pharrell and Shelton all begged Schiavo to join their teams. To see whom he picks, tune into to season 10 of “The Voice” on NBC.

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