‘White Lotus’ Star Jake Lacy Was Thrilled to Play the Bad Guy

It’s unlikely we’ll see Jake Lacy back as entitled real estate agent Shane Patton, but the actor continues to reap rewards from the show.

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Videos by Rare

The White Lotus is back, and while it’s unlikely we’ll see Jake Lacy back as entitled real estate agent Shane Patton, the actor continues to reap the dividends from Season 1.

Jake Lacy’s Career So Far

While a new face to many viewers of The White Lotus, Northeast native Jake Lacy actually had two major performances prior to that show.

Lacy played Pete Miller on the last season of The Office and on Seasons 4 and 5 of HBO’s Girls. Those roles came on the heels of the actor appearing in single episodes of the soap opera Guiding Light and USA Network’s Royal Pains.

Lacy also enjoyed a two-season stretch on ABC’s short-lived sitcom Better with You. He also recently appeared in Peacocks thriller series, A Friends of The Family which showcases the true story of the Broberg family.

Is Jake Lacy Taken?

In one word, yes. He married longtime girlfriend Lauren Deleo in August 2015 in Vermont while Girls was still airing, People reported.

Lacy and Deleo reportedly didn’t publicize their wedding. They have two children together.

“It feels like you got a person who always has your back, even more so than when you’re boyfriend and girlfriend,” Lacy told People.

In 2016, he joked on SiriusXM’s Conversations with Maria Menounos that he and his wife have “contentious” debates over sports.

Seven years after tying the knot, Lacy is now 37 years old.

Savoring the Sweet Success of The White Lotus

While Jake Lacy widened his fanbase in a big way with The White Lotus, he doesn’t appear in the second season of the HBO’s sleeper hit. Creator/writer/director Mike White only intended for the comedy-drama to be a miniseries, but plaudits from critics helped get it renewed for Season 2 (and again, for Season 3, earlier this month).

It’s unlikely that we’ll see Lacy in the HBO series again. Then again, crazier things have happened. After all, The White Lotus came out of the left field. It also gave Jennifer Coolidge’s career a jolt for the better, and collected several trophies (five) than any other program at the most recent Primetime Emmy Awards.

Thanks to his role as a young, privileged a–h— on the HBO project, Jake Lacy earned a Primetime Emmy nomination of his own for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie.

Still not sold on The White Lotus? Check out the trailer for Season 2 right here:

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