WWE Star Liv Morgan Goes Viral For Hilariously ‘Ignoring’ Man at Knicks Game

The Internet thinks WWE star Liv Morgan ignored a man who sat beside her and talked to her at the New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, and it does appear that she did.

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It also appears that she probably didn’t — as she even sort of responded with what appeared to be a “yeah.” Morgan also swayed back and forth to the music during a timeout, the video showed.

But social media says she ignored the man, and that is being taken as fact. So why not have some fun with it?

You can count on social media for at least that much. More than that, the Twitter crowd tried to conjure up what the man may have been saying to Morgan. It all started with a tweet from the Knicks Nation account. “She definitely didn’t hear one word you just said bro,” it wrote.

We Feel You, Morgan

Others replied with their own thoughts on what she may not have heard.

“I mean, think about it,” wrote the 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff account, pretending to be the man sitting next to Morgan. “When you think of the biggest stars in wrestling history; Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Stone Cold Steve Austin…what do they all have in common? That’s right, a deep, dark tan. It’s just part of the look and Sting never quite got there.”

Basketball writer Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer gave another possible take.

“A long time ago I started tracking every shot Ben Simmons took and realized he shoots with the wrong hand,” O’Connor quoted the man as saying, taking a jab at the Brooklyn Nets guard in the process.

Or perhaps the man was just telling Morgan that the Knicks’ nine-game winning streak was about to be snapped in an upset loss to the lowly Charlotte Hornets. After all, that’s precisely what happened.

Of course, all the fun was not lost on Morgan. She too had something to say about going viral.

“Y’ALL,’ she tweeted, with the crying laughing emoji. And that’s about what this conversation deserved.

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