‘Home Alone’ Grocery Trip Would Cost A Lot More In 2022

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It has been 30 years since the world was introduced to Kevin McCallister. Macauly Culkin captivated audiences as the left-behind 8-year-old Kevin in the 1990 hit, ‘Home Alone.’

If you were in a coma since just prior to the film, it was an instant classic. It told the story of Kevin, who was accidentally left behind by his family over Christmas. A miscount during the loading of the airport shuttle set off a chain of events that makes Kevin believe his wish to have no family came true. He then has to overcome the attempted burglarization of his home by a pair of thieves. His family also hits some high points as they make their way back from Paris. Kevin overcomes the bumbling of Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern with a bobby-trapped house and a well-timed redeeming moment for the local boogie man.

During the film, Kevin had to go to the store.

He bought a total of 10 items: a 4-pack of toilet paper, Wonderbread, Reynold’s Wrap, Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese, Tide laundry detergent, Snuggle fabric softener, whole milk, Tropicana Orange Juice, a frozen turkey dinner, and a pack of toy soldiers. 

At the time of the film, he had to come up with a grand total of $19.83.

News station WREX-13 and its sister station WQOW-27 teamed up to go grocery shopping to see what that same purchase would cost in 2022.

For a breakdown of each individual purchase, check out their video below.

Suffice it to say, Kevin would have needed much more than he had in 1990. The shopping trip came out to a whopping $46.78!

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