Ever Wonder What it’s Like Flying Off an Aircraft Carrier?

There are plenty of pilots in the world. But only a select few are good enough to fly off of an aircraft carrier.

Videos by Rare

It’s both thrilling and dangerous all at the same time. Planes are taking off one right after another, on a runway that’s much smaller than your typical runway. One wrong move could mean countless lives lost. The flight deck has to be at the top of their game — and so do the pilots.

Because the flight deck is so much shorter, they need some serious assistance when they take off and when they land. Despite the danger and the difficulty, though, taking off from an aircraft carrier is a thrill that many people still want to experience.

Thanks to this awesome new video, you finally can!

With a video right from the cockpit, viewers can see firsthand what it’s like to be catapulted off the flight deck. The video takes you on a major thrill ride, going along with the pilot from 0 to 165 in just a few short seconds.

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