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Grab your mittens and warm fuzzy hat, the holiday season is here and one Texas ice cream company is leading the parade with a big ice cream scoop. And while the first treat you probably think of for the holidays isn’t ice cream, this frosty Christmas Cookies ice cream is sure to tickle your nose with festive delight.

Just a few days ago Blue Bell ice cream announced two of their most requested flavors for the holiday season: Peppermint ice cream and Peppermint Bark ice cream. The limited-edition ice creams feature seasonal flavors in a cool and creamy half-gallon carton.

Hitting the store shelves this week is none other than some of Blue Bell fan’s favorite holiday cookies. Blue Bell Christmas Cookies has all of your favorite cookies including chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and sugar cookie all combined in a tasty sugar cookie ice cream. And that’s not all, the ice cream is mixed with red sprinkles and green icing swirl, making this red and green Christmas Cookie ice cream a Texan favorite.


Ice cream fans everywhere wait all year for this Christmas cookies flavor to hit the grocery stores. In fact, last year fans ate so much of the holiday that it actually sold out right after Thanksgiving! Blue Bell fans took to social media to ask the brand when the ice cream would be available again, hoping to enjoy it on Christmas Eve (or Christmas morning). But as luck had it Blue Bell revealed that not only was the popular holiday flavor completely sold out, they wouldn’t be making any more of it that year.


Hopefully, the ice cream company has upped their production, letting us have the sugar cookie flavored ice cream until New Years. Our advice, buy a few tubs ASAP and keep them in the freezer until the big day.

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