Ontario Bus Driver Fed Children Semen-Laced Treats

Sometimes I question people’s sanity. It truly terrifies me, how as humans beings, people sometimes do the unthinkable and believe their actions are right. Like this bus driver, who deserve everything and anything he is getting. You see, a bus driver from London, Ontario, decided it was a good idea to give children candy, laced with his semen.

The driver, who admitted to giving the laced treats, pleaded guilty in June to 23 charges (previously 78 before confessing), including voyeurism, and possessing, making, and distributing pornography. The bus driver also confessed to taking cell phone videos of the children while eating them and uploading them to a child-porn message board on the dark web.

The man was caught by a corporal with the RCMP, who was investigating users on a website called MagicKingdom, known as a forum for exploitation. Authorities traced back the identity of the driver, where they found four files uploaded to the website in which a man would masturbate on food and then feed the food to children on a bus and have conversations with them about it. Officials also found videos of the man masturbating on the bus while children were present. After searching his electronic devices, it was discovered his online alias was “Steps”, and found a total of 884 child-exploitive videos and images. Out of those, the driver had created 176 of them on the school bus.

During the hearing, the court heard that the driver, who can’t be identified in order to protect the identity of the children he abused, gave the treats to students in kindergarten to Grade 6 over a period of two years. In total, the man targeted 39 children, who were affected by this actions and had to be checked for sexually transmitted diseases.

This morning (September 27) the man was sentenced to five years in prison and has been banned from visiting public spaces where children might be, such as pools, schools, and parks, and is not allowed to use the internet for 15 years.

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