Human Trafficker Poses as Child Protective Services To Steal Baby

Here’s a fun new thing to look out for if you’re a parent: kidnappers and child traffickers posing as Child Protective Services in order to steal your children and do unspeakable things to or with them.

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According to a Facebook post made by Ashley Bradley, a mother in central New York, that’s exactly what happened to her recently.

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A woman approached Bradley’s home and claimed she was from the Delaware County Child Protective Services but couldn’t produce any evidence when Bradley asked her to. (SMH. Every time you try to steal a kid dressed up as a government agent someone always asks for a badge, don’t they?)

Bradley, who had no cases open with the CPS and, to her knowledge, no cause for one to be opened, soon realized that something was not right. She went inside, checked to make sure her child was okay, and then called the police. When she came back to her porch the woman who claimed to be from CPS was hurriedly walking around the corner, realizing her genius plan had somehow been foiled.

Police later told Bradley that this is often the M.O. of child traffickers hoping to take advantage of scared mothers too confused to say no.

This is abjectly terrifying. Bradley seemed suspicious enough that even had the potential kidnapper produced a badge, she still probably would have refused, but chances are there are mothers out there who wouldn’t, instead of hoping compliance would lessen whatever trouble they thought they were in. And scrounging up a passable badge doesn’t sound all that difficult.

Bradley says she has no idea how her home, in particular, was chosen, which makes the whole thing even more terrifying.

In other words, you might want to spread the word that child traffickers and kidnappers are posing as Child Protective Services in order to Rumplestiltskin your kids. Be on the lookout and warn others.

This article was originally posted on February 5, 2019.

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