Mold-Like Substance Found Inside Capri Sun Juice Pouch Facebook

An Indiana father is warning parents about the dangers of bacteria that may be lurking in your children’s juice. According to Emerson Hardwick, who posted a video on Facebook showing his findings, he found what looks like mold-like substance inside a Capri Sun pouch. Hardwick explained how he grabbed the pouch straight out of the refrigerator to give to his 3-year-old and noticed something odd about it.

He stated he felt the amount of juice inside the pouch seemed low, but there was no hole suggesting it had spilled. The father then shook the pouch and noticed there was an unknown substance inside when he looked at the bottom of the packaging. The video shows Hardwick cutting the pouch and pouring out the juice inside a cup, revealing “some kind of mold.” He warned parents to always check twice when it comes to sugary drinks, before giving them to their children.

Hardwick stated Kraft Foods, Capri Sun’s parent company, contacted the family the next day, going to their house to pick up the sample and pouch to send to a lab for testing. A few days later, the company confirmed his findings, stating there was a ‘micropuncture’ in the package, allowing oxygen to enter and create the mold seen in the picture and videos.

Capri Sun website acknowledged the reports of mold, saying that although it was rare, it was possible for food mold to grow inside contents of preservative-free drinks if the pouch is punctured or compromised in any way from their facilities to a grocery store. To prevent mold in pouches, the company are investing millions of dollars in their packaging, quality, and manufacturing processes to make their product stronger and avoid to an air leak.

The company recommended parents gently squeeze each pouch to check for leaks before serving them to their children. Any punctured or leaky pouch should be discarded immediately to avoid any accidents. Hardwick’s post has been shared more than 80,000 times and has over 5,000 comments, with parents expressing their worries.

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