You know how at the start of many car commercials there’s a disclaimer that says something like “Professional drivers on a closed track, don’t try this out on the road you big dummy”? Well here we have what’s probably not a professional driver and  definitely not a closed track. This impressive good Samaritan story was caught on camera, thanks to the motorcyclist’s passenger.

The motorcyclist, we’ll call him Mr. S, is riding along and then finds a coffee mug on the back bumper of an SUV with good shocks. The motorcycle speeds up to grab the mug and proceeds to chase the car, following it to make sure he returned the mug to the rightful owner.

People, here’s some free advice: Don’t ever put anything on top of your car or on the bumper, fer cryin’ out loud. No one ever remembers and eventually there’s just another broken coffee mug lying in the road. Except. Not. This. Time. Mad Max Coffeedome.

SUV driver, did you say thank you? All we can hear is “My daughter.” So this guys pulls up to your window, both vehicles are moving, and you just roll the window down, blame your daughter, pour it out and drive away! That’s all the thanks our mobile good guy needs. Aw shucks ma’am, it was nothing. Just another day saving absent minded daughter blamers out on the blacktop.

Another question, where are they? Check out those snow covered peaks in the distance. Guess we know at least which side of the country they’re on. The mountains are a good backdrop for the victory finger dance we see as our silent hero speeds away.

Quite a stunt.

(H/T AltDriver)

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