Black Friday shopper heads home with serious injuries after an intense brawl that was caught on video YouTube/14,999,999 views
YouTube/14,999,999 views

After getting slammed into shelving units, one Black Friday shopper may have left Kmart empty handed, but he definitely went home with some serious injuries.

In a shocking video of the fight, a man in a blue jacket approaches another man wearing a black hat. While it’s unclear what the man in the blue jacket did or said, the other man can be seen immediately grabbing him and body-slamming him into a nearby shelving unit, leaving him crumpled on the floor.

As he rolls onto his stomach clutching his hip and back, a woman who was shopping with the man in the hat yells, “He touched him first!”

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“He brung [sic] this cart in himself and rolled it there. He took it,” she continues trying to explain the situation while the injured man continues to lie on the floor in pain behind her. “He took it.”

According to other reports, the man in the jacket “allegedly tried to steal a man’s cart full of items he selected to purchase.” That’s when the man in the hat attacked him, leaving him with a possible broken back — maybe even a shattered hip.

The fight is definitely not the only one to happen amongst Black Friday shoppers this year. In fact, four other grown men were caught on camera childishly fighting over a toy car at Walmart, which none of them ending up leaving the store with after an employee told them that no one involved in the embarrassing display would get to take home the toy.

Meanwhile in Alabama, an entire mall was forced to close down after Black Friday shoppers broke out in fights all over the place. Local police and fire departments responded to calls at the mall after 11 p.m. on Thursday, a time when stores are normally closed, about an apparent fight on the second floor of the mall. While most shoppers brawled over merchandise, the majority of the fights at this mall were reportedly of a personal nature. One person was treated for minor injuries, but fortunately no one needed to be taken to the hospital.


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