For $4.99, this Ikea bowl will incinerate anything you want Facebook/Richard Walter

A video posted by Facebook user Richard Walter shows a hidden bonus feature of Ikea’s “Blanda Blank” stainless steel bowl: concentrating the sun’s rays to create a scorching shaft of starlight that will incinerate anything in its path.

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Walter, according to Atlas Obscura, discovered this the hard way about a week ago. The Stockholm, Sweden man took a bowl of grapes out to his porch and left it in the sunlight. In very little time, he smelled smoke.

When he looked down, he saw his grapes on fire. Considering their water content, that’s no easy task. Walter says there’s no question that the mirrored, concave bowl created the burning ray.

And in a Facebook video, he tried it with something more flammable: a strip of newspaper. It goes up in flames almost immediately.

In response to the story, Ikea says they’re testing the bowls again.

Patrick is a content editor for Rare.
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