His wife may think he’s crazy, but when the TV stops working this guy knows just the trick to fix it

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

There are plenty of tried-and-true tricks to fix a blurry picture on your TV screen, but Bill Purdy has his own approach.

In a video recorded back in 2011 but recently re-uploaded to YouTube, Bill and his wife are confronted with a problem we’ve all faced at least once in our lives. The picture on their TV has gone out and they must find a way to fix it. Bill assures his wife that he’s got this covered and pulls out a hammer. He then begins whacking the side of the device.

To Bill’s credit, his method seems to actually work! As he whacked the TV, there are moments when the smacks are followed by bursts of images on the device.

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“Come on baby, come on!” shouts Bill as he continues to smack the TV, knowing his method will eventually do the trick. “You gotta have the touch,” he says to his wife.

After a few tries, Bill’s tactic pays off and the picture returns to the TV screen. Unfortunately, the victory is short lived as the picture disappears once more in the midst of Bill’s gloating. His wife begs him to knock it off and even calls him an idiot, but Bill cannot be deterred!

Eventually Bill succeeds in getting the picture back despite his wife’s insistence that it’s still broken. “Over and out,” Bill says, before cutting the video on a shot of a perfectly functional TV!

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