Here’s What Kevin O’Leary Thinks About “Loser” New York

Following the court’s decision to ban Trump from business in New York, and charge him hundreds of millions of dollars, Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary, otherwise known as “Mr. Wonderful,” spotted the corruption. Speaking strictly in terms of business sense, O’Leary said: “I would never invest in New York now, and I’m not the only person saying that.”

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Through the freedoms in America, Trump rose to great wealth and popularity. As soon as he began to pose a political threat to Democrats and Republicans alike, the interpretation of laws began to change and political insanity ensued, as it far too often does. The results of this political reaction are more evident today than ever.

“This award, I mean, just leaving the whole Trump thing out of it and seeing what occurred here … And I’m no different than any other investor, I’m shocked at this.” Mr. Wonderful continued: “I can’t even understand or fathom the decision at all. There’s no rationale for it.”

Here’s What Kevin O’Leary Thinks About “Loser” New York

When talking to a Fox Business anchor, O’Leary was asked about whether New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s assurances to businesses and investors in New York after the case were comforting. He said: “We’re very worried, every investor is worried because where is the victim? Who lost the money? This is some arbitrary decision a judge made. This policy … what does this say about the bar? About the legal bar in New York? Aren’t they going to question this judge? What is this?”

Finishing off his insight, Mr. Wonderful said: “I’m sorry her words fall on deaf ears to everybody. There’s nothing she can say to justify this decision. And this has nothing to do with Trump, nothing to do with Trump. Forget about Trump, this is not a Trump situation, this is a New York problem.”

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