Joy Behar Reveals She ‘Almost Died’ After Ectopic Pregnancy

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During Wednesday’s episode of The View, Joy Behar revealed that she almost died of an ectopic pregnancy. The topic came up amidst a conversation about abortion rights, which Kansas recently voted to preserve.

Behar specifically mentioned that many politicians ignore life-threatening or life-changing

“One of the things that I worry about… people like Herschel Walker, who’s running… He supports abortion bans without any exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the mother.

“In 1979, I had an ectopic pregnancy,” Behar continued. “I’ll tell you what an ectopic pregnancy is in case you don’t know. And I almost died.

“So, the fetus is growing in the fallopian tube. And there is nowhere to go from that. You can’t give birth from your fallopian tube. And the fetus will not grow. It just grows, but not to full-term. So, it’ll grow just enough to make the tube burst. What happens then is that you bleed internally, and then you die.

“They rushed me to the hospital. The doctor, the next day, said ‘We almost lost you.’ Because I was in a situation where I could go to Beth Israel Hospital, and they took care of it there.

“So, I’m thinking, what are these people thinking about when they talk about the health of the mother?” Behar asked. “Herschel Walker, people like that, cannot be in positions of power.”

The Pro-Life position was quickly addressed

Elisabeth Hasselback, who used to co-host The View, happened to be present at the table as a guest. She immediately interjected about her viewpoints, which are anti-abortion. Speaking from the point of view of having struggled with fertility, she disagreed with the idea of abortion being a right which should be preserved. Rather, she said that God has a plan for every life.

Whoopi Goldberg then agreed with Hasselback on the idea that God has a plan for every life but said that she wouldn’t vote to ban abortion because she thinks that every family should be allowed to make their own decisions.

59% of Kansas voters voted to keep abortion rights and 41% voted against abortion earlier this month. However, some Republicans have moved to do a recount, although it is not expected to change the results.

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