‘Justin Timberlake Replacing Hugh Jackman on Broadway’ Rumors DEBUNKED

A recent rumor about Justin Timberlake replacing Hugh Jackman in his role on the Broadway musical The Music Man is being shot down by both actors. Page Six recently wrote that an exclusive source revealed that producers for the musical are considering replacing Jackman. But now everyone’s scratching their heads and saying it’s not true.

Jackman plays The Music Man’s antihero, Harold Hill, a musical instrument salesperson and conman. The show’s opening night was on February 10. Jackman has barely gotten his feet wet.

What’s more, Jackman’s coming into the Broadway role seems serendipitous. The star recently told Vogue, “I woke up and was literally like, Why haven’t I done The Music Man? And so, I rang my agent, and he’d just had a call that day about it. And so, it sort of felt as if it were meant to be…. Now, I’m a little mad at myself for putting it off so long.”

Honestly, the idea of Jackman being replaced by someone else is a little odd.

Jackman responded to the rumors succinctly and graciously. On Wednesday, he posted to his Instagram Stories, “Not that this item is true… At least that I’m aware of. But if it was, it’d be my pleasure to open anything for Justin Timberlake. A Broadway show, a door, or a worldwide tour.” He continued, “’PS, I’m not leaving The Music Man on November 8th. I don’t have an end date… again, that I’m aware of!”

Timberlake’s team also allegedly denies the rumors and calls them “false.”

When it comes to Broadway, the X-Men icon is no newbie. Check out his impressive theatre career. Jackman can seamlessly switch between the silver screen and the stage, and he’s been doing so for decades.

You can purchase tickets to The Music Man on Broadway here.

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