Adult Star Says God Sees Nothing Wrong with Her Job, Fellow Churchgoers Aren’t Happy Though


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Videos by Rare

Kamilla Warneck grew up in a religious household, and she has carried her Christianity with her for her entire life — even into her job as an adult film star.

The Brazilian actress is ruffling some feathers among Christians after she claimed in an interview that she has an “evangelical faith” and that she does not believe her profession interferes with her religion because she’s “a good person at heart and that’s what matters.”

She explained, “People try to make you conform in a way they think an evangelical should be, because society says so […] but I think God sees inside our hearts, and I do good things for people.”

According to The Sun, Warneck told the host of an X-Rated late night show that her deeply religious family “doesn’t have a clue what [she] does for a living,” and that she “doesn’t really care” if they find out. In the interview she also revealed that issues within her family caused her to leave home as a teenager and she eventually took a job as a stripper.

Before long, a friend invited her to a sex show, and from there she found her way into the adult film industry.

In the interview, she claimed, “I love my work and I want people to appreciate and respect what I do […] I still have a normal life outside and when I get the chance, I go to church with a Bible in my hand.” Warmack, who appears younger than her age and even wears braces, has been in hundreds of adult films and seems to show no signs of stopping.

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