Man Caught on Camera Stealing Nativity Scene

This is why baby Jesus isn’t supposed to be put in the Nativity scene until Christmas. A man was caught on camera stealing a statuette from a local Nativity scene in Fort Worth. Specifically, he’s on camera, grinning, with baby Jesus tucked in his armpit.

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Angels, Mary, and a Wise Man Stare at Empty Manger as Baby Jesus Thief Runs Away

Come on, man. Really?

The thief stole from a Nativity scene erected in Sundance Square last Saturday. Security camera footage shows that the baby was stolen between 2 and 2:20 am. Yes, I know it’s a statue. But it’s a statue of a baby. This man practically stole a baby. He practically stole Jesus.

The now Baby Jesus-less Nativity owners are pleading with the public to help them find the thief so he can return their baby messiah.

“Baby Jesus Thief!” Sundance Square wrote on Instagram. “Help us identify the man who stole baby Jesus from our Nativity in Sundance Square. Help us save Christmas. HE is the reason for the season.”

The caption accompanied a photo of the thief. He’s wearing blue jeans, a gray collared shirt, and running shoes, and has a pretty severe case of male-pattern baldness. It’s clear that the birthday attendees in the background are absolutely stunned. They’re sitting there, motionless, helpless, and pissed off. But, because they are statues, all they can do is press their hands together and pray for divine intervention.

Fort Worth Police have opened a criminal investigation into the matter. They’re asking anyone with information about the baby Jesus Nativity scene theft to come forward.

A spokesperson for Sundance Square told NBC DFW that they are hoping Jesus will return before Christmas.

Nativity Scene Thieves Are in Full Force This Year

Sundance Square isn’t the only victim of Nativity theft this year. NBC 15 reports that the Baptist Tabernacle in Shreveport, Louisiana was also the target of some very un-Christian greed.

The video shows a woman dressed in a hot pink cardigan, jeans, and a mask pulling up to a cardboard Nativity scene set upon the Tabernacle’s lawn last Saturday. In broad daylight, the woman proceeds to toss nearly every cardboard character from the lawn into the back of her vehicle before driving away. She left only one trumpeting angel and a palm tree behind. Although it was caught on video, the Nativity scene thief covered her license plate so she wouldn’t get caught.

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