Man Discovers on Live TV His Missing Son Was Found in His Basement

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

News of a man who discovered his missing son was hiding in his basement while on live TV has resurfaced, making its rounds on social media. The man, Charles Bothuell IV, was talking with HLN TV news anchor Nancy Grace, about how his son was missing for a week and a half in 2014. The hashtag #FindCharlie floated in the bottom right-hand corner of the TV screen.

Charles’ Missing Son Was Hiding in the Basement for 11 Days

Nancy introduced the dad and then leaned forward, staring. “We’re getting reports that your son has been found in your basement,” she said.

A long, uncomfortable silence subsequently followed. “Sir?” Nancy pressed.

Charles was seemingly beside himself, arguing that that couldn’t possibly be true.

“I’ve searched the basement,” Charles said. “My wife has searched the basement, the FBI has searched the basement, the Detroit Police searched my basement. We’ve all searched my basement multiple times….”

“Have you checked your cellphone?” asked Nancy.

The dad said that his cellphone died on him on the way there.

Speaking with an on-scene news reporter, Nancy — and everyone watching, including Charles IV, were then told that the police chief was on his way to the scene.

Further, the dad looked… more worried than relieved…

Nancy Grace Live

And that’s when everything significantly changed. Charles was followed home by reporters. His son, Charles V, revealed that he was never missing at all. He said he was in the basement, hiding from his father and stepmother, Monique Dillard-Bothuell because they physically abused him.

Charles Bothuell Beat His Son Charlie With a PVC Pipe

The boy said that he was afraid of how his dad may react when told that he hadn’t exercised. Authorities investigated soon after, finding marks on young Charles V.

In a complete 180 turn of events, Charles IV and his wife, Monique, were arrested for torture and second-degree child abuse.

In 2016, Charles Bothuell IV pleaded guilty to fourth-degree child abuse and admitted to beating his son with a PVC pipe. He was given 18 months of probation and mandatory anger management classes. He also lost custody of his son.


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