More Than 100 Frozen Bats Rescued from Houston Bridge

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The Houston Humane Society really stepped up to the plate, rescuing more than 100 bats from a popular bridge to keep the dark critters from falling to the ground. The bats, as it turned out, were frozen stiff. Alive, of course, but unable to fly.

There were 138 in all, according to KHOU. Now, the humane society is in the process of rehabilitating them, perhaps thawing out their wings so they can fly again. Or at least comfortably sleep upside down.

“Experts with the Humane Society are working to ‘bat-proof’ the area by adding rubber padding to soften their falls and bringing in warming bins to try and save those that have fallen,” KHOU reported.

Frozen Bats Rescued

The bridge is actually a popular bat-watching spot in the area. But most people want to watch the bats fly and rest — as opposed to dropping on people’s heads or cars like a creepy block of ice.

And bats are actually important to the eco-system, exerts say. They are the only mammals capable of true and sustained flight, and are actually better at it than birds. After mice, bats are considered the second-largest group of rodents.

So bats are survivors, frozen or thawed. But just in case, the humane society is adding rubber padding under the bridge. You know, to cushion the fall. Still, props to this organization for rescuing animals that probably freak everyone out. Look at their doing their duty to society! You have to give them a big round of applause!

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