Naked Man Arrested For Jumping Into Ice Freezer at Gas Station

Image Credit: Ephrata Police

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

One way to get attention is to strip off your clothes at the gas station. Then, instead of standing there naked, take your body and plunge into the ice freezer outside the store.

Of course, this is likely to result in more than just some creeped-out onlookers. It can also result in hypothermia, or more likely, an impending arrest.

A man named Jonathan Beck, 35, can attest to most of the above. Minus the hypothermia part — after stripping naked and then jumping in the freezer. Then of course ultimately got arrested in Ephrata, Penn.

Naked Man Arrested For Jumping Into Ice Freezer

On the bright side, a nude Beck reportedly removed a few bags of ice so he could fit in the freezer, so perhaps not all of the product was ruined. But that’s probably about the only bright side to this tale, unless you count the sunny side that Beck willingly revealed.

Anyway, police were called to the scene and found some marijuana in Beck’s possession (where he had it hidden, no one knows). He admitted to being high at the time.

That may not be all he was, though. Along with possession of marijuana, police charged him with public drunkenness. There were also charges of indecent exposure and criminal mischief.

Other than that, he was found to have done nothing wrong. Or something.

Drugs and alcohol can cause people to do silly things, but wanting to be naked in an ice freezer? That seems like torture, and the only person you’re hurting is yourself and the eyes of the guy who was paying $4.99 a gallon to fill up his tank.

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