Naomi Judd Cut Both Daughters Out Of Her Estate

Wynonna and Ashley Judd recently learned that their mother omitted them altogether from her $25 million estate.

When a major entertainment figure dies, it seems inevitable that a battle over their estate ensues. A new battle between country legend Naomi Judd’s $25 million estate and her daughters is no exception.

Wynonna and Ashley recently learned that their mother omitted them altogether from her will, according to Radar Online. They are reportedly devastated that Naomi Judd, who committed suicide earlier this year, left her estate only to her second husband, Larry Stickland.

The matter gets worse for musician Wynonna Judd and actor Ashley Judd. Naomi Judd also appointed Strickland’s brother as an estate co-executor, in the event Strickland dies or otherwise can’t run the estate.

Wynonna Judd also contends that her band The Judds are responsible for her mother’s wealth.

Naomi Judd’s Daughters Saluted Their Mom After Her Death

Naomi Judd committed suicide this past April by gunshot to the head. Shortly after Naomi Judd’s death, Wynonna and Ashley Judd honored the late matriarch with a highly publicized tribute.

Two months ago, Wynonna Judd admitted to having a terribly hard time dealing with the sudden death of her mother.

“That the pain of losing Mom on 4/30 to suicide is so great,” she posted on Instagram. “I often feel like I’m not ever going to be able to fully accept and surrender to the truth that she left the way she did. This cannot be how The Judds story ends.”

Meanwhile, the news about the deceased Judd’s will comes less than a week after Ashley Judd finally opened up about the tragedy.

Ashley Judd said she, sister Wynonna, and their father are grieving in different ways over Naomi’s suicide. The intimate interview is featured in a recent episode of the Healing With David Kessler podcast.

Ashley Judd added that her sister, father, and she are grieving individually. In doing so, “we’ve been able to completely stick together,” according to People“We can be at the same supper table and recognize … ‘this one’s in anger, this one’s in denial, this one’s in bargaining, this one’s in acceptance, I’m in shock right now.’”

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    • All the girls have got to do is take it to court and say their mother was not mentally able to make such a decision.

  1. I guess this is her final screw you to her daughter’s. She never was much of a Mother anyway. If not for Wynona she wouldn’t even have 25 million dollars!

    • You are a fool! You don’t know what this woman had to do to raise these two InGrates! They have their own money and besides There wouldn’t be No Judds without the Mother! Wake up and fet a Life!

      • Wake up and use spell checker! Fet a life? Go sit down. It’s embarrassing!

        Btw do you know them personally? You have some
        Nerve calling her daughters ingrates. You don’t even know them yet you tell someone else to FET a life? 🤣

    • All the girls have got to do is take it to court and say their mother was not mentally able to make such a decision.

  2. And the girls don’t need her money, I highly doubt that they were upset? I’m sure their Pop will leave them what’s theirs after he dies? Larry has been in their lives for almost 40 years, I highly doubt he will screw them like that!

    • If their mother did why wouldn’t he, he’s only a stepfather. I always thought the mama Judd was so classy and beautiful. I’m sure had her reasons for doing what she did..RIP

      • He was Naomi’s Husband! He doesn’t need to be their daddy! It is his rightful inheritance, so forget it and go to sleep!

    • When Larry goes, his brother will be the one left with the estate. So the latest news says that.All of it really sad.😢

      • He is the executor not the one who inherits. At least it is not stated here.He could be the executor but not a beneficiary. Just the one to distribute the estate. Same as being a trustee of a trust you follow what the is in the trust, You take anything that is not ours it is a crime,

  3. Wills make enemies out of once loving cohesive family. IMHO she should have been put into a facility to stop her from suicide. I would never put my family through that. The money should be divided up three ways equally. End of story Sad ending at that!🎂😢

    • You do that with yours, You don’t know why she did it and you will never know! Don’t try telling someone what they should or shouldn’t do! You look and sound like a self righteous Fool!. Remember, without the mother these two darlings wouldn’t be here. The husband has been with her over 35 years, He helped take care of her and loved her. You don’t know what or how they actually treated her! Wake up!

      • You can disagree with someone without the personal insults. And, you seem just a little too emotionally invested in something which has nothing to do with you….

    • not necessarily she made executor does not mean he inherits. It means he oversees the distribution of her estate. Just like a trustee woulddo for a trust. I am, currently trustee of multi million dollar trustee There are 17 beneficiaries, My job is to distribute the estate to them. If I don’t follow the instructions of the trust other than taking trustee fees it is a crime. Being trustee or executor does not necessarily mean you are a beneficiary,

    • Well yes and no. The girls can contest it. Some states don’t allow parents to leave their kids out grown or not. In Ohio the spouse gets it all if he’s the father of the children. If he’s not he gets 50% of the first 50k or its 100k. After that he gets a third. After that he gets a third. Me and my brothers just delt with this.

  4. From there interview’s Naomi and Wynonna never got along for a while now, Naomi wrote music and they sung it together which means one got their part and the other one got theirs so whatever Naomi does with her money it is hard decision, Larry was her husband and evidently she loved him and she left him everything.

  5. What’s to say that her 2nd husband did not force her to change her will. And then kill her making it look like a suicide

  6. Very sad. It doesn’t matter whether they need the money or not, it has to hurt to find out that your mother did that behind your back.

  7. Ashley was interviewed by Diane Sawyer after Nomi’s death and Ashley said she was in the home when her mom went upstairs and shot herself after Ashley went to answer door for whoever it was who came to their house. They heard the shot and then found her mother. Larry did not kill her.

  8. Just because it was investigated and ruled a suicide doesn’t make it true. My brother in laws death was ruled a suicide even tho we all told the detectives in a meeting he wasn’t depressed and 7 yrs later a man admitted to killing him.

  9. Michael, you have no clue what your talking about. So back off buttercup, before you start name calling. Your no better than the rest. Everyone has a right to their opinion.

  10. She could do whatever she wanted with her Estate. There’s no law that says you have to leave it to your grown up daughters with thriving careers

  11. All be thought so much together why not divided the money between the three of them. Ask yourself why would Naomi want to hurt kids like that for. We knows both kids have they own money. But still leave something for them still. That Naomi money but both of them make it as Judd together. Why not divided money between all three of them. Naomi RIP.

  12. OMG what difference does it make. It’s her money, she’s dead and her husband get all. As it should be. Her kids are grown, have they’re own careers and they’re own life. Let this woman RIP. She’s had enough problems.

  13. I didn’t see where the girls were up set, Im sure they have enough money to live a happy life.
    RIP Momma, so sad, you did it your way.

  14. It amazes me when people get so caught up in celebrity lives. Who actually gives a shit? Their business what they do. Personally she could have left it to the mailman for all I care.

    • Great for you, but others think different. This is the story of a human being. Forget Fame. Most people know her and her daughters for being a trio of loving women. She had a beautiful Voice and so does Wynonna. The person we like is not a person who would commit suicide. So let others say what they feel could have happened.

  15. It doesn’t matter were their mother earned the money. The fact is that it was her mothers. It was her wishes by her will that she left it to her husband..

  16. I heard she had died, but I did not know that she was married at the time of death, neither that she “killed herself”. These three women have been always together in good times and bad times. It seems to me that they were very close, and now, all of the sudden, everything is left in her new husband’s name? Suicide? Forgot the girls all of the sudden?
    Something smells, rotten here. If I had been in her position, of course I would leave something for my husband, but not everything. I would leave something in Equal parts for my girls, and the BIL can enjoy whatever the husband receives.
    When was the will done the last time?
    I’m mad, better stop.

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