Florida School Deputy Slams Female High School Student into Pavement

A case in Kissimmee, Florida, has sparked intense controversy after a school resource officer was caught on video slamming a high school student into the ground. The video that went trending on social media, shows the Osceola County deputy slamming the female student so hard into the ground, the student’s head hit the pavement with a clearly loud thump before her body went completely limp.

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School Resource Officer Slams Female Student Into Pavement

Warning: Graphic language in the video below.

Osceola County Sheriff’s Office is still in the initial stages of investigating, as the details of what happened are still in question. What’s known is only what’s seen in the video, and the deputy slams the Liberty High School student into the ground, knocking her unconscious. As she remains motionless on the ground, the officer continues to pull her arms behind her back, placing handcuffs on her. Another student is heard saying, “What the f*ck is wrong with you?!”

Dana Schaffer, Osceola County School District’s spokesperson, confirmed to FOX News that the altercation did happen at Liberty High School, but has not spoken out further on what happened, referring all questions to the Osceola Sheriff’s Department. The Osceola Sheriff’s Office released an updated press release Tuesday evening confirming the initial stages of the investigation and explaining that the school official was employed by an agency.

Osceola County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

The statement read, “We are collecting video, witness statements, and relevant information related to the incident. We know that the School Resource Officer was in the process of trying to stop the student from fighting another student in the hallway when the deputy took her into custody.”

A spokesperson for the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office has not immediately returned FOX News’ request for comments. However, the video has warranted comments on social media, with many angered by the use of force by law enforcement. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Sheriff’s Office use of force policy actually states that police officers should use “the minimal amount of force necessary to perform official duties,” and some have pointed out that they see no reason as to why a body slam like this one would be the minimal amount of force used by an official.

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