Pregnant Firefighter Goes into Labor After Helping Car Crash Victim

Another reason why women are indeed superheroes! A pregnant Maryland firefighter didn’t let her own labor stop her from helping a person that was trapped in a car. This after they were both involved in a car crash.

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Not only that, but in less than 24 hours, she literally gave birth to her child. Meghan Warfield had finished hosting a memorial golf tournament that honored her late father. After the ceremony, she was unfortunately involved in a “significant” car wreck. This according to the Bowleys Quarters Volunteer Fire Rescue and Marine.

The volunteer firefighter was a wee shy from her official due date at the time of the crash. After the collision, Warfield “immediately exited” her damaged vehicle and quickly rushed to help the person trapped inside the other vehicle.

Pregnant Firefighter Goes into Labor After Helping Car Crash Victim

Due to the impact of the crash, the 30-year-old mother began her labor but decided to ignore the pain to take care of the female victim who was hurt. “I don’t know how I did what I did because the cramping was so bad,” Warfield told NBC morning show. “I must’ve just been running on adrenaline.”

You know what they say, in a moment of adrenaline, you definitely don’t feel anything. So pretty sure this is what helped the mother pass through the pain.

Warfield, who works with the Baltimore County Fire Department, said she did the best she could to keep the victim calm until help arrived. “I started to climb in there with her, but then I was like, ‘What are you doing? You’re nine months pregnant,” she said. “I ended up holding onto her to keep her in place because I wasn’t sure of her injuries at the time.”

After emergency responders arrived, Warfield decided to check herself into the John Hopkins Hospital located in Baltimore. That’s when less than a day later, she and her boyfriend Joshua Daugherty welcomed their daughter, Charlotte. This is their third child.

Bowleys Quarters Volunteer Fire Rescue and Marine called the firefighter a “true public servant” saying, “Since no good deed should go unrecognized, we wanted to highlight Megan’s heroic and selfless actions.”

“Congratulations Momma Megan, Job Well Done!” they concluded. Before the accident, Warfield had been on desk duty for weeks leading up to the crash due to her pregnancy. But now, she says she is ready to go back out on the field. “I’ve been itching to get back out,” she said. “It’s what I was meant to do.”

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