Reporter Testing Knife-Proof Vest Gets Stabbed on Live TV

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A resurfaced video of a reporter testing a “knife-proof vest” has people everywhere wincing after it has once more gone viral on social media. An Israeli reporter was giving the vest a try before the same model was shipped off to be worn by Israeli soldiers. Hopefully this vest was just a working prototype!

When Your Knife-Proof Vest Is Only Partly Functional

“You are going to stab me with this?” Channel 1’s Eitam Lachover asked.

The “knife-proof” vest company’s vice president, Yaniv Montakyo, was holding a massive steel commando knife.

“Yes. You have nothing to worry about, we are very confident in our product,” Montakyo assured the reporter. “This product can protect from knives that are stronger than this one. May I?”

Montakyo began stabbing the reporter’s back as Lachover gave a tepid smile. It was one of those, “I hate my job” kind of smiles.

Then on the third stab, Lachover jumped. Montakyo gave him an extra stab anyway before looking over his shoulder at the camera with a look on his face that clearly meant, “I’m an a**hole.”

“I missed,” he said. Yeah, ya sure did, Sherlock.

Reporter Said He Was Okay, Just a “Superficial” Flesh Wound

In a follow-up to the unfortunate live TV event, Eitam Lachover tweeted that he was okay.

“Superficial puncture, some stitches in the back and I was discharged home. Many thanks to everyone who expressed concern!” he wrote.

Apparently, there were portions of the vest that weren’t knife-proof. Uh… what’s the point of a mostly knife-proof vest? If you’re going to have someone standing behind you while repeatedly thrusting a massive steel blade into your back, don’t you kind of want all of your protective wear to work? Either way, I really hope the knife-proof vest manufacturer took the embarrassing moment to consider how he could make his product more functional. That was almost like an anti-advertisement.

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