President Trump’s most recent travel ban has been blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii, much to the president’s dismay. The ban was set to go into effect just hours after the judge’s decision.

Trump expressed his frustration over the decision during a Nashville rally.

The co-hosts on ABC’s “The View” argued over the ban.

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While the others criticized the administration’s targeting of Muslim-majority countries, Jedediah Bila argued that the ban was to help strengthen the screening process from people coming from those countries.

“There’s difficulty in screening those people that are coming in,” she said.

Bila also pointed out that while President Obama’s administration did not go as far as the Trump administration, it still inadvertently laid the foundation for Trump’s travel ban.

Whoopi Goldberg cut in at that moment, saying that Obama had already done enough to address the security of those immigrating from those areas. Bila disagreed.

After explaining how the new ban reexamined some of the pitfalls in the old ban, including a perceived religious preference, Bila stood by the fact that the ban only applied to “six specific countries.” Because of this, Bila did not find it fair to say that it discriminated against Muslims.

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But when Bila brought up America’s work to screen terror in countries like Saudi Arabi, Sunny Hostin couldn’t help but remind her that the majority of the 9/11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia.

“If you’re going to ban anyone, ban that country,” Hostin argued.

Bila said that Hostin wasn’t looking at the fact that the Saudi government was working to combat terror groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda in their country.

“I want to point out to you that a lot of the folks that were prevented from coming from Iraq were people who were working with us,” Goldberg said, speaking of the translators who had been affected by the initial ban despite worked with the American armed forces.

Despite arguments from Bila, Goldberg and Hostin wrote off the updated ban, as the intent had not changed.

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