Two former staffers for President Trump became an interesting topic of discussion after a scandalous story involving their newborn was published in Page Six.

Former senior advisor A.J. Delgado and former White House communications director Jason Miller, who was and still is married to another woman, conceived a baby together while on the campaign trail. Delgado confirmed that their son, William, was born in July of 2017.

The article included quotes from Miller, including a statement that his wife and two daughters were “excited to welcome William into the world and into our family.”

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On Wednesday evening, Delgado tweeted her side of the story:

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She even questioned if Miller was the one who shared the story:

Delgado ended her tweet session by saying that she would discuss the story further with McKay Coppins of The Atlantic:

Miller has not spoken of the article on social media.

This story is still developing.

Two former Trump staffers had a baby, and now one of them is fighting to get their side of the story out Drew Angerer/Getty Images, Twitter/@AJDelgado13
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