The ladies of “The View” dove headfirst into the gun control conversation on Friday and tried to figure out why America is the home of school shootings.

Host Joy Behar suggested that the gun lobby is “very strong” and that gun sales contribute too much to the American economy. However, Meghan McCain, the outspoken conservative host of the group, wasn’t totally buying what Behar was selling.

McCain prefaced by saying that she is an NRA member and that she’s a big supporter of the Second Amendment before explaining “[recently] Democrats held the Senate, the White House and Congress in 2009 and 2010 and they did not try to renew the assault weapons ban.” The ban, which lasted for a decade, was allowed to expire under Bush and assault weapons — like the one used in the Valentine’s Day school shooting — could be sold again.

McCain went on to say “this is why voting is so important, because if this is your issue, if what just happened … gets you up and moving … go out locally and vote against it.” She also compared the issue of gun control to abortion, saying “it’s so emotional on both sides that it’s hard for people to meet in the middle.”

When the topic of mentally ill people owning guns arose, McCain did side with the more left-leaning hosts of “The View,” saying “I don’t know one Second Amendment supporter or gun owner that is for people with mental illnesses [owning guns].”

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The shooting in Florida was one of the top ten deadliest shootings in modern history and left 17 people dead. But Republicans still aren’t in any rush to change the laws around guns. Immediately after the massacre, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) gave a speech on the floor of the senate and said that “if [lawmakers] do something, it has to be something that works.”


The shooter, Nikolas Cruz gave of a number of warning signs and the FBI was even tipped off about him. However, he was able to legally purchase the assault weapon that he used on Wednesday.

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