This guy wasn’t going to let a little snow slow him down — so he built his own plow!


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If you’re on the East Coast, you already know that it’s getting cold out there, like really, really REALLY cold. Your teeth are rattling and the pipes are freezing and the laundry on the clothesline has turned solid. But one Pennsylvania man isn’t as intimidated by the snowy conditions as some of us.

The winter wild man realized that it was time to plow the driveway. Unfortunately, he found himself without a plow and shoveling snow gets old fast. So, like the best survivalists, he used what he had — a lawnmower and an empty cardboard box — and took to the street.

If you’re stuck out there in the snow and you can’t think of anyway to clean the driveway, we’d suggest you take this guy’s lead. But there are still a few other ways to get the snow off the ground without throwing your back out — the best is probably to grab a bag of salt and dump it all over your driveway.

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This snow is pounding places that are definitely not used to seeing these levels of accumulation. Charleston, SC, that old beautiful southern city, is getting blanketed in a pristine white.

While the southern regions are currently getting smashed with snow, the northern states are getting hammered by Jack Frost. Niagara Falls is currently sitting in a beautiful winter white.

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