Todd Chrisley Says He ‘Fell Short’ Of God’s Expectations

He “got lost” but has since “surrendered” everything over to God.

These are trying times for Todd Chrisley and wife Julie, and admittedly, he played a role in that.

The stars of USA Network’s Chrisley Knows Best are under house arrest as they await sentencing for tax fraud. The Chrisleys have maintained their innocence; Todd said he is guilty as charged when it comes to veering from from his faith.

“God has literally taken me to a place where I have so much peace with no longer worrying about trying to please – or trying to meet the expectation of someone else,” he said on his podcast. “The expectation I long to meet is of God. God expects me to be a good, decent, honorable human being. He expects me to honor his word; he expects me to be the leader of my household. He expects me to set an example for my wife, my children, to lead by example.”

He added that he “got lost” but has since “surrendered” everything over to God.

“Where I fell short in doing that is that I really didn’t give glory to God in all of the things we were accomplishing because I felt like I was the one doing the work,” Chrisley said. “I was the one getting up every day, I was the one staying up late at night not thinking that God was the one giving me the energy to be able to do that.”

What comes next?

Todd and Julie could very well face prison time. They will know more in October, when sentencing is scheduled.

“When the stuff starts owning you versus you owning it,” Chrisley said, “you know you have all these cars that you’ve got to maintain and all these houses that you have to maintain and these trips that you have to do in order to keep up with everyone that’s around you that’s in your social network, you know you become a slave to the things that you thought were going to bring you peace.” 

Julie added her own take on the matter to Todd during the podcast.

“You and I have been a team since day one,” she said. “I think for both of us, this situation, our season of life right now has shown us it’s not about what our plan is, it’s about what God’s plan is.”

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