Colorado Town Considering Changing Name To ‘Kush’ To Celebrate Growing Cannabis Industry

A tiny Colorado town of about 120 people is considering changing its name from “Moffat” to “Kush,” CNN reports. Mike Biggio, founder of Area 420, proposed the name change. This comes after more than half of the town applied for cannabis cultivation licenses.

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Weedmaps defines Kush as “A family of hybrid cannabis varieties that stem from landrace hashish strains originating in the Hindu Kush mountain range of Afghanistan.”

Moffat mayor Cassandra Foxx told CNN that Area 420 is to thank for most of the cannabis licenses, which have exceeded 70 since 2016.

“They kind of gave us life, like a rebirth,” Foxx said. “They provided an industry for Moffat.”

Assuming that those 70 licenses are from different people, that’s nearly 60% of the population presumably holding cannabis licenses. So, it’s easy to see why changing the town’s name to “Kush” is a possibility.

Moffat, Colorado has a lot of open land and natural resources, making it a perfect locale for cultivation. Mayor Foxx told CNN that the town “feels like it’s on the verge of massive growth right now.” She added that, “[they] might be super tiny, but [they’re] trying to do big things here.”

Biggio put the name change on the town hall agenda on June 7. But Foxx says that the next step is for a resident to file an actual petition. She assures CNN that nothing is actually in the works and that it’s just a discussion at this point.

“A little silly, but that’s good,” the Moffat mayor said of changing the town’s name to “Kush.” “It’s the right kind of silly. But it’s also accurate, like it is a good representation of this region, of the industry that we’re trying to promote, and the lifeblood of our town.”

Colorado passed Amendment 64 by a margin of 55-45 in 2012, legalizing cannabis. The law allows for adult personal use and possession. The law also allowed for cultivation of up to 6 plants with no more than 3 being mature. In 2021, House Bill 1090 increased adult possession to two ounces, up from one ounce. With legalization also comes a state’s ability to pass legislation defining how cannabis can be cultivated, sold commercially, and taxed.

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