Vince McMahon Paid Millions In Hush Money To Keep Sexual Harassment Claims Quiet

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Former WWE CEO Vince McMahon dished out at least $4 million total to 12 women to keep their sexual harassment allegations quiet, according to the Wall Street Journal.

McMahon, who stepped down in June, allegedly made the payments over the past 16 years. He is currently under investigation by the WWE board for paying $3 million to a former employee in effort to cover up an alleged affair.

But according to the WSJ, that was just the beginning. As relayed by Yahoo Sports, McMahon also supposedly reached the following settlements:

  • A $7.5 million payment four years ago to an ex-wrestler who alleged he “coerced her into giving him oral sex and then demoted her and, ultimately, declined to renew her contract in 2005 after she resisted further sexual encounters.”
  • Right around a $1 million payment in 2008 to contractor for the WWE who “presented the company with unsolicited nude photos of Mr. McMahon she reported receiving from him and alleged that he had sexually harassed her on the job.”
  • Another $1 million payment to a former 10-year WWE manager who alleged McMahon “initiated a sexual relationship with her.” That allegedly occurred in 2006.
  • Finally, a $3 million payment in 2022 to a former paralegal who allegedly had an affair with McMahon. “The board concluded the relationship between McMahon and this woman was consensual,” Yahoo relayed.

McMahon, 76, stepped down from his role as CEO on June 17, following reports of the investigation. He said he intends to fully cooperate and pledged to “accept the findings and outcome of the investigation, whatever they are.”

His daughter, Stephanie McMahon, was named interim CEO and interim Chairwoman after serving as the company’s chief brand officer. She is also a former WWE wrestler.

“The Wall Street Journal has published a report about WWE with allegations that we and our Board of Directors take seriously,” WWE said last month in an internal memo. “We are cooperating fully with the independent investigation initiated by our Board of Directors.”

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