Doughboys podcast explores the history of Shipley Do-nuts for national donut day this week

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Earlier this week, hosts Mike Mitchell & Nick Wiger-a duo who go by the Doughboys-teamed up with Comedy’s Bang Bang’s Jon Gabrus for a special episode in honor of national donut day.

Based on their weekly segments,  Doughboys’ podcast is a regular review of chain restaurants, and this most recent one goes all the way back to the beginning of southern pastry chain Shipley Do-Nuts.

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Houstonians in particular are, apparently, loyal Shipley’s fans:

In their podcast, for instance, you can hear the crowd cheer during the opening of their live Houston show at the Secret Group when the host relates how Krispy Kreme failed to compete.

After a bit of ribbing about Dallas and the craziness of Houston traffic, Mitchell and Wiger launch into their review of Shipley Do-nuts, as heard on the segment.

They also announced they’d be donating half the money earned from the event to the Houston Food Bank.

If you’re with 90 minutes to spare, the entertaining podcast may be worth the listen – expect some NSFW language, gross humor and a lot of donut talk, of course.

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Stay hole-y, Houston.

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