Katy publication called out for copying an article from Reddit AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes
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Katy Magazine’s recent list of new store openings made people angry.

Specifically, people on Reddit, who claim the list of business openings in Katy’s Asian Town to be lifted word-for-word from the forum without a citation.

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A thread called out the publication, calling it “unethical” to post the list as an article without a source and claiming the list was lifted from this image posted on Reddit:

Source: via Reddit user txstrongtxproud

The magazine defended itself by saying they did their own research via social media, posting a statement on Facebook:

We saw the list on a community social media site. I’m pretty sure Katy Asian Town would love the publicity and you can’t copyright a list and that’s precisely what it is. We also sorted the list we saw in a way our readers would like by restaurants, by businesses, by salons, etc.

Katy Magazine since added a correction on its article:

“Although the list we used below was found on social media, research and compilation was originally done by HAIF.”

The Reddit post also claims to use HAIF, a Houston-specific social media network, as their source.

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery….

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