According to reports, an 18-wheeler swerved to avoid a car earlier today along the Katy Freeway at Loop 610.

As a result of the swerving, a collision reportedly occurred, causing a sulfuric acid spill onto the roadway and creating delays throughout the day.

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Authorities said the westbound lanes of I-10 stayed closed through part of rush hour Tuesday afternoon after the spill, and TxDOT urged those in the area to take alternate routes around the mess.

Investigators say about half a  gallon of the acid spilled onto the highway, but, because the cargo load reportedly shifted in the truck, a hazmat crew worked to offload the content, TxDOT spokesman Danny Perez said in an interview with the Houston Chronicle.

By the a.m. portion of rush hour, Eyewitness News reported some of the lanes to be reopened, but estimated the road wouldn’t be fully operational until later this evening.

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The acid reportedly spilled as part of the incident is said to be used in livestock feed, and is not considered a threat to the public; rather, it is an inconvenience for drivers throughout the area.

Hang in there, Houston.

Thanks to a hazmat spill, the Katy Freeway saw 12 hours of mess Tuesday AP Photo/Elaine Thompson
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