Christmas lights are popping up all over the city, and shoppers are merrily emptying their wallets to stuff their cars with gifts for family and friends.

‘Tis the season! As with any holiday, it’s time for candy.

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And Christmas may be the sweetest time of year:

Not only can you buy many of the traditional candies, like Snickers, Reeses, Twix, and Hersey bars in fun holiday shapes (not a fat joke, Santa, sorry), but there are countless varieties available to stuff everyone’s stocking – and bellies.

With so many candy options out there, you may be wondering about your best choices for being a hit at the holiday party.

Luckily, came up with a list of the top three Christmas candies for each state for you.

Drumroll, please – here in Texas, the big winner is:


While that may seem odd at first glance, Pez is a staple stocking stuffer, and you can find dispensers in the recipients favorite character.

Many Pez dispensers are collectible, as well, making them a great gift with great value.

If Pez doesn’t work for you, the second place candy for Texas is Skittles.

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Candy Canes reportedly rounded out the top three in Texas, proving the Lone Star Staters to be classics at heart.

May your sweets be merry and bright this holiday season, Houston!

These Christmas candies are supposedly the best in Texas according to CandyStore AP Photo/Julio Cortez