Sadie Robertson changes her tune on tattoos after getting one with a deeper meaning

Sadie Robertson's tattoo "Fearless."

Duck Dynasty and “Dancing with the Stars” favorite Sadie Robertson didn’t like tattoos and was not really happy when her dad, Willie Robertson, would come home with new ink.

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“I was not ever going to get a tattoo,” Sadie Robertson said. “That was not for me.”

But as she began struggling with anxiety and fear, Robertson had a hard time relying on her faith to pull her through.

“Whenever I was struggling with anxiety for two years, I would wake up and I was scared,” Robertson said. “I would go to bed, and I was scared; I would go through the day and was scared — constantly in this state of fear. The Bible says so many times not to fear, but it was like I couldn’t shake it off of me.”

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After the November 2015 Paris attacks — on a night when she was preparing to speak at a large Christian music tour, Winter Jam — Robertson realized she couldn’t let fear consumer her anymore.

“The thing that I realized is that it’s not that things aren’t scary and it’s not that things aren’t going to be scary,” she said. “It’s just realizing that God has already conquered fear, and there’s so much more to this life.”

Robertson began to put her trust fully in God and said it wasn’t easy. But she said being fearless helped change her life and helped her inspire others.

“[My tattoo is] not for anybody else, it’s not to be cool,” she said. “It’s just so that I can see that I’m living fearless in the name of Jesus.”

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Robertson is taking her messages of family, inspiration and faith on the road as she embarks on her first “Live Original” event tour, named after her New York Times best-selling book and lifestyle message that encourages people to stay true to themselves and their values. is giving Sadie fans the opportunity to win a VIP Package for the Live Original Tour.

The program will be filled with family, friends and music to spread her message that young people can live positively and passionately while remaining in tune with their faith.

The 17-date tour has stops in San Antonio, Baton Rouge, Birmingham and more beginning Sept. 22.

Find information about the event, tour stops and dates on

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