Sarah Michelle Gellar is puzzled by Apple TV’s categorization of “Cruel Intentions” as a “family” movie

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“Cruel Intentions,” “Despicable Me 3” and “My Little Pony: The Movie” — which of these is not like the other?

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If we’re going by Apple TV standards, they’re actually all about the same.

Imagine the confusion when a viewer scrolling through his Apple TV recommendations came across the 1999 hit movie in the “Kids and Family” category, and shared his find with the movie’s star. The viewer turned out to be “Cruel Intentions” director Roger Kumble himself.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played villainess Kathryn, reposted a photo of the bizarre categorization alongside several kids classics.

“See! It’s fun for the whole family!! F– Care Bears! Thank you Apple TV!!” read the original caption. Gellar, 40, added her own caption, writing, “It appears @appletv and I have different ideas on kids viewing. I guess you could say it’s educational…right?!?”

The movie — which spawned a pair of sequels and a failed television reboot — could be considered educational if the lessons learned included how not to be a bad person.

In it, Gellar’s rich girl character and her manipulative stepbrother, Sebastian — played by Ryan Philippe — engaged in a twisted bet, in which Sebastian has to deflower their headmaster’s daughter Annette or risk losing his vintage Jaguar Roadster. Not quite the stuff to premiere at a kid’s sleepover.

Phillippe met his future ex-wife Reese Witherspoon (Annette) on the set so maybe it wasn’t all dark. Just not for the babies!

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The “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” star partially reprised her role back in December for a off-Broadway musical based on the movie. While she didn’t actually appear on stage, she lent her voice in telling audiences to shut off their phones.

“It’s not that difficult, morons,” she told fans in Kathryn’s cruel manner. “Take out that second-rate phone and hit the silent button.”

“For all of your tourists out there who think it’ll be swell to take a photo or video of the show and bring it home to bum f— nowhere? Well, guess what — that’s not permitted either,” Gellar continued. “Please obey or I will cyber-shame you into oblivion.”

Gellar ended with Kathryn’s most memorable line, “Happy hunting.”

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