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Pic by Luke Johnston / Caters News (PICTURED: The bunnies in their bespoke home.) - A couple who are bonkers over bunnies have transformed their garden into a rabbit wonderland. Emma Hartshorne, 46, and Wayne Kenward, 50, have spent thousands on pampering their 30 fluffy bunnies with a luxury lifestyle equipped with their own entertainment. The bunny spoilers say they cannot help but give their herd the very best life possible which led them to design and fit a run who treat their rabbits. SEE CATERS COPY

A Stratford-Upon-Avon couple wanted to do something special for their 30(!) rabbits.

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So they built the animals the ultimate “Alice In Wonderland”-esque garden, complete with a treehouse, bar, and a maze shaped like a rabbit.

“They are going absolutely crazy with it. The new run allows all of them to go out at the same time without bumping into each other and getting into fights,” says Emma Hartshorne.

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The brood, comprised of rescued rabbits, is getting used to the lavish accommodations and becoming more comfortable in their surroundings.

“It’s wonderful to see their personalities come out over time once they’re settled,” Hartshorne says. “The more time you actually spend with them the more they trust you.”

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