K9 Officer Receives Emotional Send-Off for Retirement

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One police officer was able to retire at the age of 16. His name was Dexter, he’s a K-9 officer in Pennsboro, W.Va., and he received quite the send-off over the radio airwaves on his final day.

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So much so that his handler was unable to fight back tears.

“At the age of 16, Dexter is finally ready to enjoy retirement,” one officer said over the radio, Dexter’s ears perking up slightly as his name was mentioned. “Thank you, K-9 Dexter, for all your hard work and making sure your handler made it out safely every evening.”

Dexter actually still looks like he could handle the job. Even at 16, he appears fairly fit. He certainly has reasons to be proud. Still, I’m sure he’s certainly going to enjoy his much-needed and deserved time off with his police officer dad still keeping him safe.

Happy Retirement Dexter!

“Enjoy your retirement,” an officer said over the radio. “You’ve earned it.”

The Richie County Sheriff’s Office also sent out a message to Dexter.

“On behalf of the Richie County Sheriff’s Office, we’d like to congratulate K-9 Dexter on his retirement,” the voice over the radio said. “We thank K-9 Dexter for all the service he has given in Harrison County and all the other agencies he has served.”

This is pretty common for service dogs to retire at this age, usually, K-9s retire after 7 years of service or 10 years of age.

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